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District 65 faculty and staff members are committed to providing timely and responsive communication.  Please utilize the contact information below for general inquiries. If you are trying to reach a specific staff member, please utilize the District 65 staff directory
If you have questions regarding the educational curriculum, classroom setting, afterschool programs, or other related matters, please contact the school directly.
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Board of Education 
To sign up to speak at an upcoming meeting or for other School Board related matters, please contact the School Board Secretary at (847) 859-8111.
Click here to view information about the District 65 Board of Education on our website.  

For information about school age childcare services, please contact Childcare Services at (847) 859-8118 or (847) 859-8306.
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For questions regarding district communications, including the Digital Backpack and website, please contact the Communications Department at (847) 859-8100.

For questions about employment opportunities, please contact the Human Resources Department at (847) 859-8020.
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Facility Rentals/Permits 
For information about rentals or permit applications for District 65 facilities, please contact the Buildings and Grounds Department at (847) 424-2420. 
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Freedom of Information Requests 
For more information concerning Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, please contact the FOIA Officer at (847) 859-8111.
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Nutrition services
For information about student meals, menus, or free and reduced price meal applications, please contact the Nutrition Services Department at (847) 859-8130. 
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SISK12 Student Information System
If you are experiencing trouble logging in, viewing grades, or updating student/family information, please contact the Research, Accountability, and Data Department at (847) 859-8055 or (847) 859-8056 or email parents@district65.net

Special Services
For information about special education services, please contact the Special Services Department at (847) 859-8090.
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Student Fees 
For information about student fees, please contact the Business Department at (847) 859-8015 or (847) 859-8016.
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Student Health Information 
For information about student health requirements and immunizations, please contact Health Services at (847) 859-8120.
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Student Registration 
If you have questions concerning student registration, please contact the Research, Accountability, and Data Department at (847) 859-8055 or (847) 859-8065 or email parents@district65.net. Parents/guardians that are re-registering a child and have misplaced the notice sent to them with the special code (SNAPCODE) should also contact the Research, Accountability, and Data Department.
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InfoSnap Registration Accounts - If you are unable to do the following: create an account, log in to an existing account, submit a registration form, or locate previous work entered, please contact InfoSnap Support at (866) 752-6850, Monday-Friday from 8 AM-5 PM CST.

For more information on student transportation services, including eligibility, bus routes, or to check on the status of a bus en-route, please contact the Transportation Services Department at (847) 424-2425 or email transportation@district65.net.
If your child left a personal item on the school bus, please contact the Positive Connections Bus Company at (847) 492-0115.
Click here to view student transportation information on our website. 

Student Records 
Requests for student records should be directed to the child's school of attendance if the child is currently enrolled or to the Research, Accountability, and Data Department at (847) 859-8060 if the student is no longer enrolled in the district.
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